Final Fitting: Mutiara

Mutiara's Final Fitting At The Atelier

When we first met Mutiara and sat down to do the initial sketch of her design, she spoke about her love of stars. Mutiara's custom wedding dress was inspired by stars in the night sky, with each star placed onto her dress by hand appliqué.

bridal designer fitting bride into her lace wedding dress in front of full length mirror

bridal designer helping fit bride into her white star lace wedding dress inside fashion design studio

bridal stylist fitting woman into her wedding dress at Brisbane studio

bride in star lace wedding dress holding her veil behind her smiling

dressmaker in striped blue and white shirt laying out the veil worn by a bride in her wedding dress standing in front of studio mirrors while a woman in black photographs them

seamstress woman hand sewing star lace onto wedding dress placed on mannequin inside design studio

two women hand sewing a wedding dress on a mannequin

two women hand sewing lace cut outs onto a wedding dress displayed on a mannequin

woman in striped shirt and jeans straightening out a long flowing tulle veil kneeling on floor

woman wearing blue and white striped shirt with jeans helping fit a bride into her wedding dress

A special thank you to Mutiara for allowing us to photograph her final fitting and share these magical moments.

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