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Article: Custom Wedding Dresses On A Budget: What You Should Know

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Custom Wedding Dresses On A Budget: What You Should Know

A lot of us have grown up with the idea that a custom wedding dress will be 10's of thousands of dollars, or it's just not a feasible thing because no matter what the price is, it's going to be too expensive to get something couture crafted, but that's not the case.

As the bridal industry has evolved, it's created a space where designers and artisans can train more people in the industry, creating healthy competition and slowly but surely re-tuning the price range of a custom wedding dress. Add more accessible fabric freight and the evolution of how couture gowns are made, and you've got the mixture to bring the price of a custom gown to a fair point.

How much does a custom wedding dress cost?

The question nearly every bride has at one point or another is how much a custom wedding dress is likely to set them back financially. Pricing is individual: every brand will dictate pricing at their discretion, and it's up to that brand alone, though a few factors contribute to this.

Factors that dictate the cost of a custom wedding dress:

  • Time spent creating the wedding dress in person-hours
  • Fabrics used on the wedding dress and the cost of that fabric per meter
  • Time spent creating a pattern(s) for the gown
  • Time spent in fittings and consultations by the designer during the creation process
  • The brands' idea of their value

That last point is something that can make pricing vary wildly. Each brand will choose how much they think their brand is worth, based on multiple factors like skill, experience, consumer demand, etc. 

As an example, we all know a pair of shoes from Nike is vastly more expensive than a pair of K-Mart branded shoes. There might not be too much difference, and sometimes items are made in the same factory. The only difference is you're paying for the brand; this is the same in the bridal industry.

How are Euphorie Studios' custom wedding gowns priced?

Every gown we design and make is priced as its own unique project. If you were to sit down with our head designer and discuss a custom gown, you'd receive a sketch with a breakdown of costs and where the money is being spent at the end of the consult.

The cost breakdown for a custom wedding dress would include the specific breakdown of time spent by our artisan seamstresses, the design and make of your pattern, the fabrics, and any trims or anything else involved in creating your gown. There will not be any hidden costs you aren't aware of. No charges would ever be incurred without your consent (e.g., if you wanted to add sleeves to a gown that you didn't initially want sleeves on, that could increase the price, but we would quote that for you and get the 'go-ahead' from you before any work is carried out or any cost incurred!)

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