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Article: Q&A: Ask Euphorie Vol. 7

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Q&A: Ask Euphorie Vol. 7

Brides and brides-to-be often ask us questions on all things weddings, fashion, and Euphorie as a brand, so we started our 'Q&A: Ask Euphorie' series to cover all of the common questions we're asked or the ones we think might be beneficial to anyone getting married. This is the seventh instalment of our FAQs, covering short wedding dresses, Euphorie collections, and the house heritage built: Euphorie's origin story.

Can I wear a short wedding dress?

Definitely, you can wear absolutely anything you want on your wedding day, especially a short wedding gown, also known as a bridal mini or mini wedding dress. You can wear this as your main gown or as a second dress for your wedding reception, and it can either match an aesthetic with your main dress or be something unique, fun, and totally different.

What will the next collection of Euphorie gowns be called?

We've had a few people ask this lately, as in the past, our collections have often been thematic. For example, with 'Reveries,' we wanted all of our gowns to feel like a daydream (the definition of reverie is 'to be lost in one's thoughts, in a daydream'), or with 'Keepsake' we wanted the gowns to be timeless and classic, gowns you can hand down to someone else 20 years from now and not have it feel out of date, like a keepsake.

With the gowns we're creating and releasing in 2023, we're doing things a little differently. Instead of releasing extensive themed collections, we're taking our time and crafting the gowns we want to represent the essence of Euphorie as a brand: luxury, couture-quality gowns without the couture-level price tag. Instead of boxing ourselves into a specific number of dresses to release as an entire collection, we're crafting gowns one by one and releasing them online and via our showroom once we've perfected each gown in its individual right.

Why the sudden change and break from the tradition of collections? Well, we want to be more intentional with what we do. We want to ensure a gown is the best iteration possible, crafted to the highest standard of couture wedding dresses so that you get the quality you deserve.

We've recently released Gabby, Trish, Elizabeth, Tina, Faith, Heidi, Kimberly, Billie, and Emiliya. We've got so much more to come in the coming weeks & months.

You can view our gowns that are available for purchase right now here.

How did Euphorie start?

Euphorie Studios as a physical space dates back to the 1990s, but the history runs much deeper than that. Today, we're taking you on a walk through the history of our studio, the way it's changed, and a sneak peek at how things will be in the future.

Before we converted a house on a quiet street minutes from a shopping complex into our studio, showroom, and office space, it was Keoula's childhood home. Keoula's parents originally owned this house, and Keoula's mother taught her to sew here, which ignited the fire for her love of handcrafted fashion.

Years later, Keoula would repurchase her childhood home and convert it into Keooula Designs, her small bridal and formal showroom. As the years passed and Keoula's name became synonymous with award-winning bridal gowns and exceptional quality, the brand grew and took shape into something else.

As demand for Keoula's gowns grew, so did the team. What was once Keoula on her own as 'Keooula Designs' was now a team of five and growing. While her name was on the door, the brand, and the labels inside every gown, it wasn't just a brand by Keoula alone anymore, and she wanted a name that represented a team effort. The studio was renamed Euphorie Studios, and as the popularity of Euphorie gowns grew, so did the team here at the studio.

Today Euphorie employs around twenty staff members across a wide range of roles, creating a diverse and inclusive team dedicated to upholding the values that have been there from the start: continuing the heritage of craftsmanship and love.

How do you feel about brides selling Euphorie dresses or buying gowns secondhand from Euphorie real brides?

We've had people worried about our reactions to this, but I want to clarify on behalf of the entire team: we have absolutely no problem with this in any way or on any side of it!

Suppose you have had a custom-made gown or bought a Euphorie made-to-order dress, and you want to sell it so it can be worn again by brides. In that case, all you're doing is helping make our planet a better place by promoting the re-wear of a wedding dress—it's your dress, you own it, you get to do with it whatever works for you: sell it, keep it, it is your choice, and we support it 100%.

If you're buying a secondhand Euphorie gown and you're worried we'd have a negative opinion of it, please don't stress about it! We want all brides to find their dream dress, and it's even better if you love our gowns. The only thing we've ever wanted to express is that if you buy a Euphorie gown from anywhere other than our team/showroom, we cannot guarantee the gown hasn't received any damage and cannot alter or change the garment for you.

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