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Article: About Us: The Euphorie Studios Brand Values

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About Us: The Euphorie Studios Brand Values

Our Creative Director, Keoula, founded Euphorie on three central values: authenticity, quality, and meaningful design. These values are important to us across our brand, and they lead everything we do. From design and make to our interactions with our brides and everything in between, authenticity, quality, and meaningful design always come first. With that in mind, I wanted to take you through what these values mean to us personally with this blog.

We are a Brisbane-based fashion and bridal house lead by renowned head designer and owner Keoula Wheeler for anyone who may not know our backstory. Since our inception in 1999, we've created made-to-order and custom wedding dresses for brides like you at our private Brisbane studio. Our designs are custom-made by hand to encapsulate you as a bride and bring your love story to life.


All Euphorie gowns are hand-made at our Brisbane studio by our team of seamstresses specializing in bridal gowns. Keeping the process in-house ensures quality control by keeping every aspect of the dress, from design and make, through to production, in our hands. It also keeps our goal of promoting sustainability by making garments to order rather than creating excess stock. The reason we make to order is to ensure gowns don't end up in landfills.

Keeping our dressmaking process in-house also allows us to create couture gowns without you having to incur any additional costs to cover stockists or stores, keeping our quality high but our prices fair for you.

We're committed to maintaining a workroom and studio with a focus on sustainability. We achieve this by implementing waste-reduction techniques across our entire business, and we craft every Euphorie gown in a made-to-order method to ensure no fabric is wasted. As a result, the dress you purchase will not have lived its life sitting on a rack. Instead, it'll be made fresh for you, by hand, at our studio, both to maintain our commitment to sustainable fashion while also delivering a unique gown made for your specific body.

In a world of fast fashion, we aim to slow things down in the right ways. For example, our industry-leading turnaround time of 3 months (or less in some cases!) to create a custom wedding dress allows the team of seamstresses and designers to bring your gown to life by hand while also taking the time to maintain the highest quality standards.


As a team, we're inspired by all things nature, love stories, and by moments of heartfelt human connection. We use this as inspiration while crafting gowns to empower the love stories of women like you on their wedding day. While creating every Euphorie gown by hand, we're able to add our personal touch while working alongside you to get the dress you've always dreamed about brought to life for you.

At Euphorie Studios, we're committed to the art of design. With that in mind, when we create custom-made wedding dresses, we'll never copy designs from other brands or labels. Instead, we'll work with you to incorporate elements of gowns that you love to create your unique custom wedding gown.


It's essential for us to maintain transparency in our process. When you come to our studio for a consultation, you'll be able to sit and discuss your ideas directly with our head designer, Keoula. You'll be able to see where your gown is made and by who, including complete breakdowns of the costs and processes involved. Keeping this process in-house allows us to offer this service at a fair price without making you pay the fees that come with retail stores stocking our products. Both our designer and our customer care team are here to help every step of the way, tailoring the process to suit your schedule and needs.

Alongside our commitment to creating gowns ethically, we carry that over into all aspects of Euphorie Studios. So when you become a Euphorie bride, you're not just getting your dream dress; you're supporting local seamstresses that pour their hearts into ensuring your wedding dress is everything you want it to be. All Euphorie gowns are made by women, for women, right here in our Brisbane studio.

You can browse our Reveries collection here or reach out and book an appointment with Keoula via our customer care team here if you'd like to know more.

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