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Article: 7 Ways To Make Your Wedding More Eco-Friendly

flower arrangement at eco friendly wedding

7 Ways To Make Your Wedding More Eco-Friendly

If you’ve decided what you want your wedding to be eco-friendly or sustainable, going through the planning phase can feel like a daunting or difficult task. With this blog, we’re taking you through 7 things to consider when planning an eco-friendly wedding.

Be mindful about furniture and props:

One great way to keep your wedding furniture eco-friendly is to hire vintage furniture from trusted suppliers in your area. Having high-quality vintage furniture will both be better for the environment and also give you a better vibe than cheaper, plastic furniture

Another upside to hiring furniture is the convenience of the hiring company bringing the furniture to your wedding reception and picking it up and taking it away again. Hiring is also typically cheaper than buying while giving you quality furniture and props to create a wedding reception filled with details you'll remember forever.

Consider your floral choices:

When it comes to the floral choices for your wedding reception + ceremony, there are a few things to consider here, such as the alternatives to traditional flowers and also what you'll do with your flowers afterward if you choose them.

One alternative to flowers that we've seen lately is potted plants that vendors bring in for the wedding ceremony and reception and then are taken back to nurseries or farms afterward to continue growing.

However, if you want to opt for the traditional flowers, there are some alternatives to where they end. Some examples include discussing composting options with your florist beforehand, donating the flowers to hospitals, retirement homes, or cemeteries nearby, or you can preserve your flowers or turn them into art to create something a little more long-lasting. We've covered some options for that here.

woman holding bouquet of wedding flowers against white wall

When it comes to bouquets, another alternative is a 'forever bouquet' - these are silk arrangements that look incredible, realistic and give you the bonus of being able to keep them forever.

One final thing to take into consideration with your wedding florals is where they're grown. Australian grown flowers will support local growers while also ensuring they're not tainted with harmful products to the environment to preserve them during transit.

Be thoughtful with your wedding guest list:

When considering the guestlist for your wedding, it's essential to keep in mind that the more guests you have, the more you'll need to provide food, plating, seating, and more. Minimizing your guest list will help reduce the environmental impact that your wedding reception will have.

This does not mean that you shouldn't have any guests. It's still important to have all your favorite people there. However, if an eco-friendly wedding is something you're after, having an intimate ceremony for the people essential to you while offering other guests the chance to watch via Zoom call is an option you may want to consider.

Research jewelers:

If you focus on both a wedding and an eco-friendly engagement across the board, knowing where your rings come from will be an essential factor. Before you purchase your wedding ring, be sure to check into your jeweler and where their diamonds & rocks come from beforehand. There are plenty of fair-trade jewelers worldwide, and locally that can provide the type of conflict-free ring you're after.

Do some research on your dressmaker:

This one can be much more difficult than some of the others on this list, but it is possible to find a sustainable and eco-friendly brand. It's essential to look into their website (the 'About Us' section on a brand's website is always a good place to start) and ask the designers directly if they're focussing on sustainability and what measures they've introduced uphold that with their brand.

One big thing to help you find out quickly if a brand is sustainable or not is to ask if they stock an extensive range of ready-made gowns. If a brand is mass-creating repeats of the same dress and stocking them in a store, this is generally a sign that sustainability is not a priority for their brand. Choosing a made-to-order or custom-made bridal gown brand will be crucial in ensuring your gown comes from sustainable and eco-friendly origins.

Let your makeup artist know in advance:

When you're going eco-friendly across the board at your wedding, one mistake we've seen is brides who forget to discuss this with their makeup artist in advance. It's going to be crucial to chat with your makeup artist about using cruelty-free and environmentally friendly products for your wedding day.

There are many cruelty-free makeup brands on the market today, including Aesop, Becca, Arctic Fox, Bondi Sands, Eleven Australia, Au Naturale, Kat Von D, Kylie Skin, Australian Gold, and so much more. You can find a good list of cruelty-free makeup brands here.

wedding table settings with plates and cutlery

Thoughtful food & catering services:

Being mindful of food choices and not wasting food is a difficult decision to make. After all, you'll have to balance ensuring you have enough food to cover your wedding reception, but not so much that you end up having to get rid of a lot.

You will want to discuss your options with your caterers on how to achieve a menu with as little waste as possible while still getting everything you want for your reception. Another option is to do some research on places you can send the leftover food to as a donation. You could also ask someone to do you a favor and plate up food after everyone has finished eating so that guests can take home any leftovers if they wish.

If you're looking to go entirely eco-friendly and try out specific vegan options, be sure to discuss that with your catering team in advance. Hence, they have time to find suitable suppliers and alternatives for your needs. Using local suppliers is a great option, too, both for food and beverages.

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