6 Brides Discuss Why They Chose A Custom Couture Wedding Dress

We can sit here and give you 101 reasons why you should get a couture wedding dress, but we felt it would be better to hear it from the brides who really chose custom couture gowns for their wedding day.

6 real brides discuss why they chose a custom couture wedding dress.

“I had a few dresses I liked, some I’d saved off Pinterest and others I found on Insta, but there were these two Euphorie dresses from the website that I found myself falling in love with. I just wanted to squish them both together and make my dream wedding dress, so when I reached out to the team and asked if they had any that sat somewhere between both styles, they offered me a chance to come in for a custom consult, and I knew I’d found the one. I couldn’t have ever gone off the rack with my dress, there was something so specific that I wanted, and Euphorie was the only one who could bring it to life!”. - Emilie.

“When I started planning my wedding dress, I knew I had two things I HAD to have: drama and a beaded wedding dress. That’s it. When I asked my friends if they had any brands that they loved, almost all of them told me to go to Euphorie if I wanted a dramatic modern wedding dress”. - Anna.

“I couldn’t imagine any other way. I’ve known since I was probably 10 or 11 years old that I would get married one day, and when I did, I wanted a unique wedding dress. I’m pretty chill and simple in my day-to-day life, but I’ve always wanted my wedding to be the one day I get to be the queen of (my) world! I wanted something unique, something special, and a custom-made wedding dress was the one”. - Christina.

“In my early 20’s, I went to Italy with my boyfriend, now husband. He proposed to me on the trip, which was an incredible experience. For the rest of that trip, I started looking at inspo in Italy, knowing it would be a while until I could return. I would walk past these couture ateliers and fall in love with a new one each time. The magic and the process were so attractive to me that I knew it was what I wanted to do. When we returned to Brisbane, I started searching around for a couture atelier, and Euphorie was the first one that popped up. I noticed Euphorie followed a few of my friends, so I asked them if they knew the brand, and as it turned out, they were getting custom gowns there too. It was a no-brainer to me. I could get couture but made right here, from a studio doing my friends’ dresses too.” - Bridget.

“I met the team at a wedding expo in 2019 and was so impressed by the dresses and the team. I loved the ‘Eve’ dress that a model wore on the runway, but I wanted sleeves added to it, and when one of the team said that it was easy, just customize the ‘Eve’ dress my own way, I knew my dream dress was custom made”. - Anny.

“I had strict criteria for my wedding dress based on my values. I wanted it to be made locally by women, to be unique, and to be a beaded wedding dress that was figure-hugging. With my values unwavering, I knew a custom wedding dress would be the one for me, and I’m so happy I chose it. My dress just felt like ‘me’ on the day. It was everything I dreamed of. I don’t think an off-the-rack dress would’ve ever felt the way my own custom gown did.” - Rachel

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