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Article: The Pros & Cons of The Wedding Day First Look

man in suit smiling holding hands with woman in wedding dress

The Pros & Cons of The Wedding Day First Look

The first look at weddings is one of the most romantic, beautiful, and unforgettable moments you'll see. It's often seen as a photographic bridge between the 'getting ready' phase and the wedding ceremony itself. 

We're big fans of The First Look, so we're taking you through everything you need to know about and how to organize it yourself, and thanks to Euphorie bride Tina, we've even got a first look to show you too, but more on that later.

What is 'the first look'?

The first look is when the bride is seen for the first time on her wedding day, often done with the groom, bridesmaids, or the bride's parents. The first look on your wedding day is an intimate moment that often creates the most magical heartfelt photos to look back on forever.

Why should I do the first look at my wedding?

The answer to why you might do the first look will always be personal and specific to you. However, there are still reasons that are pretty common for brides, so here are some for you to consider:

  • It allows you and your husband to have a romantic moment before the ceremony without a crowd watching, making it more intimate and personal. This gives you some time together before the craziness of walking down the aisle, saying your vows, and carrying out the ceremony + reception.
  • If you want to avoid crying as you go down the aisle, doing the first look alone beforehand, then having your H&MUA touch up your makeup is always the answer.
  • The First Look is another way to add a deeper layer of emotional involvement and attachment to your wedding day. It gives you and your partner a chance to be present in an emotional moment together.

There are also reasons you may not want to do a First Look on your wedding day, such as;

  • You'd prefer to see your partner for the first time as you're going down the aisle.
  • Time constraints will prevent you from adding more time in between the prep of getting ready and the wedding ceremony. Doing a First Look will add additional time to your wedding day.
  • The lighting may not work in your favor if photos are a critical element for you.

The First Look With Tina & Chris

A romantic look inside The First Look from Tina & Chris at their Sydney wedding. Tina wore a custom Euphorie Studios gown.

woman in wedding dress walking up behind man staring out window

bride touching her husbands back while he stares out window

man and woman dancing in their wedding attire

bride and groom holding hand in front of window and chair

husband and wife dancing while holding hands

husband and wife hugging on their wedding day

Photographed by Russell Stafford Photography.

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