Questions To Ask When Choosing A Wedding Venue

When it comes to wedding venues, it has to be ‘the one’ - the perfect place for you and your partner to trade vows and mark the official start of your married life together. Finding the right venue is never an easy task, there are so many great options these days in every part of the country, so we wanted to take you through the bases you’ll want to cover when choosing a venue.

Questions to ask when choosing a wedding venue

Does it fit my budget?

The first and foremost question above all else, to ask yourself when choosing a venue for your wedding day is to decide if it works within the budget you’ve set. Staying within budget is important, so sticking to budget and finding a venue that you and your partner can comfortably afford is a big deal!

Is it available on my preferred date?

You can’t have a wedding without some form of venue, so maintaining open communication with your chosen venue to ensure it’s available on your preferred wedding date is important, the last thing you want is to find your dream venue and find out it’s booked until well after your wedding date & won’t be available for you.

Is it a photogenic?

A big part of your wedding day will be the photographs you’ll take to remember the day forever, ensuring that your venue is photogenic might be important to you. When you do a walk through of your potential venue, have a look around at the area, take some pics with your phone for reference and to get a rough idea of how things will look.

What do the reviews say?

One of the first points of reference when considering a venue you’ve come across is to check what other brides/grooms have said about the specific venue. Reading into the experiences of other couples that have been married at your preferred venue will give you a view into how it feels to be married there, on a personal level. Using platforms like Google + social media are a great tool to get a look inside the experiences of other couples.

Is it the right location?

When it comes to the venue you’ve got in mind, making sure it’s going to be somewhere yourself, your bridal party and all your guests will actually be able to attend. Another factor to think about are COVID-19 restrictions and if the venue has the right capacity for the guest list you plan on inviting!

Ultimately, it’s important to trust your gut. If a venue feels like the right one and falls within budget while being available on your preferred date, then that’s all you really need to line up. Another thing to consider is that you can also hire someone (or DYI it) and spruce up a venue to be the perfect option, for example with flowers, an aisle runner, or dais or something similar.

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