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Article: Photoshoot Day: Inside The 2022 Capsule Collection

brides low back wedding dress with bow on it and flowers behind her

Photoshoot Day: Inside The 2022 Capsule Collection

Inside Euphorie 22 At Forever Yours Studios

At the end of 2021, we took our end-of-year break to recharge, rest up, reset, and enter the new year, ready to tackle all of our custom bridal projects. When we returned to work in January 2022, we felt renewed, refreshed, and compelled by the need for creative expression. So our 2022 capsule collection of elopement gowns, reception dresses, and bridesmaid dresses started taking shape. Let’s look at our photoshoot day and how it all came to life with a talented team of incredible humans. 

designer straightening hem on womans gown

model in wedding dress at photoshoot posing in gowns

model in wedding dress posing in veil while photographer takes pics

model watching designer fit another model into a wedding dress at a photoshoot

model wearing wedding dress stepping onto photoshoot set

photographer at photoshoot pointing camera at model during photoshoot

photographer snapping photos of model in bridesmaid dress

photographer taking photos of model in wedding dress

photographer taking photos with camera in her hand of a model wearing a wedding dress

photographer teaching model in wedding dress how to pose

racks of bridesmaids and wedding dresses

woman fixing a brides dress at a photoshoot

woman tying up shoulder ties on wedding dress worn by model

woman tying up straps on models gown

womans tattooed hands tying up bridesmaids dress

A big thanks to Forough, Jim, Nikita, Arnold, and Christina for assisting us in bringing our dream photoshoot to life.

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