How To Write A Bestman Speech For A Wedding

Being the best man at your friends wedding is a huge honour, but it comes with it’s own set of duties you might be expected to carry out. One of those duties in specific, will be delivering a speech at the wedding reception. While this can be a stressful event to think about, especially if you’re worried about speaking in front of a crowd, there are a few ways you can make it easier on yourself. Today, we wanted to break those down and give you some advice when it comes time to deliver the ‘best man’ speech.

What to talk about in a bestman speech

Start With Positive Vibes:

One great idea, when it comes to giving a bestman speech, especially if it’s difficult for you to talk in front of a crowd, is to shift the focus - give thanks to any relevant people that have been a part of the occasion you’re there to celebrate such as the brides parents, the grooms parents or the maid of honour, bridesmaids and groomsmen. Expressing thanks and gratitude to others in the room helps shift the focus off you a bit during your speech and also starts it on a positive note. 

Talk About The Groom:

After you’ve said your thank-you’s to some of the people in attendance that have been a big part of bringing the wedding together, shift to the first half of your reason to be there: your friendship with the groom. It’s always good to cover the basics: how you met or how long you’ve known each other then throw in a (quick) story or two from your life with the groom. If you’re wondering what to talk about here, think about the day you met first and foremost, it’s a good memory to reflect on. Secondly, think about moments from your friendship that stand out and show the sort of man he is and his good nature such as thing’s the groom has done in life that you admired or respected. These stories are always heartwarming for the bride, groom, and everyone else in attendance and set the tone for a lovely afternoon or evening. 

Speak About The Couple:

Your primary purpose at the wedding is to be the grooms right hand man - but the overall purpose of the wedding itself is the love of the bride and groom. You’ll want to put the spotlight on the bride here too, one great tip is to speak about the way she makes the groom a better man, or how happy he’s been with her. Remember, the day is special for both of them, and while you’ve likely known the grown much longer than the bride, be sure to focus on both of them at some point in your speech.

Make sure you finish your speech with a toast to the newly married couple! 

Things To Keep In Mind:

Plan Ahead: One big tip when it comes to delivering your speech, is to plan it out ahead of time. We’d always advise against making it up as you go, it can be an awkward experience that leaves so much room for the speech to not be as good as it would be with a bit more thought and time spent practicing. Schedule time for yourself to sit down and think about things you can include in your speech such as harmless or funny stories, personal moments with the groom and similar things.

Water + Snack Beforehand: One big tip a friend’s husband once mentioned to me was that he wished he’d had a snack and a drink of water prior to giving his best-man speech at his brothers wedding. Not only was he lightheaded from being on the go all day, but he hadn’t had any fluids to drink all afternoon and it made his speech more difficult to deliver. Also, we’d advise against drinking too much alcohol before your speech, it’s not a good look if the best man is the centre of attention and struggling with their speech, slurring their words or forgetting the things they wanted to say/not making much sense.

Keep It Short + Practice: Once you’ve written your speech out, take some time to read it through a few times to get used to how it’ll sound out loud. Also, it’s a good idea to time yourself when you do one of the practice read-through’s to make sure it isn’t too long - your speech should only take a few minutes, if it clocks in at 10-20 minutes when you read it back, it might be time to go back and edit or cut out any unnecessary things in the speech itself.

Keep It Family Friendly: Remember, there will be all types of relatives, friends, co-workers and other guests there to watch the bride and groom get married, you’ll want to make sure your speech is rated PG and family friendly just to be on the safe side.

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