Creative Collab: Euphorie Formals & Forever Yours Photography

Forough & Annalise Creating Magic In A Euphorie Formal Dress

For her recent lighting workshop at the Photographic Society of Queensland, long-time Euphorie collaborator and award-winning photographer Forough Yavari worked alongside Brisbane model Annaliese McGuire for a beautiful photoshoot featuring a Euphorie formal dress. 

brick wall behind model

model in red gown with thigh high split posing with arms extended

model leaning hands on brick wall for photoshoot

model posing for portraits against a brick wall

model posing in red gown on pathway next to pool

red gown on woman standing next to a garden of plants

woman in red dress posing against wall

woman posing against brick wall for photoshoot

woman walking down brick pathway in red dress

woman wearing dress with off the shoulder straps

 A special thanks to Annaliese and Forough for these magical moments.

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