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Article: Inside The Atelier: Creating The 'Reveries' Collection

stylist helping model into a wedding dress at a photoshoot set

Inside The Atelier: Creating The 'Reveries' Collection

Inside The Design + Development of 'Reveries'

On Valentines Day 2021, we released our 'Reveries' collection online + via the showroom at our atelier. The French word for daydreams inspired this collection. We aimed to recreate the feeling of the first-day dream about your wedding dress as a young girl, while the design philosophy centered around feminine silhouettes, romantic styles, and modern craftsmanship.

This is a sneak peek inside our studio during the design and development of the 'Reveries' bridal collection.

bridal lace crop top on mannequin at studio

bridal seamstress hand sewing a wedding dress

bridal studio full of racks of pattern paper

bridal studio with table mannequins and sewing machine

brown pattern paper next to binder with reveries written on it

couture bridal seamstress hand sewing lace applique onto tulle wedding dress

lace fabric and measuring tape on table with wedding dress sketch

mannequin dress form with tulle fabric pinned to body in bridal studio

mannequins and dress racks with wedding gown patterns hanging on them

rack full of lace and tulle wedding dresses

seamstress hand sewing a wedding dress on a mannequin

wedding dress designer wearing apron talking on phone at table with gown patterns on racks behind her

wedding dress sketch on table with fabrics and measuring tape

white lace back mikado wedding dress on dressform inside bridal boutique

woman hand sewing lace onto tulle

woman sewing lace skirt at industrial sewing machine

If you'd like to find out more on our custom wedding dress experience, click here.

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