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Article: Inside Euphorie: A Commitment To Ethical Sustainability

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Inside Euphorie: A Commitment To Ethical Sustainability

With a strong focus on sustainability, we're committed to doing things differently from what we've all expected from the fashion world. Our in-house team of couture artisans promotes sustainable practices to ensure Euphorie products aren't adding to landfills.

 How do we achieve this?

  • We are sourcing the finest fabrics from environmentally friendly mills with similar ethics in sustainability.
  • Creating every gown made to order to each bride's body, ensuring no fabric goes to waste.
  • Promoting sustainable practices is not just a brand directive; it's the responsibility of every worker. Our design philosophy exists in contrast to fast fashion. By doing things slowly and with more precision, we take our time to ensure mistakes aren't made that waste fabric.
  • Any gown we create is made in one single sample; we do NOT create back stock of dresses to ensure we don't have fabric wasting away on racks.
  • All fabric scraps are either up-cycled into new projects or used for things like garment bags as finishings and trimmings.

Why does a commitment to sustainability matter?

It's a well-known fact that the fashion industry has done incredible damage to our world. According to McKinsey, clothing production "doubled from 2000 to 2014, and the number of garments purchased per capita between [that same period] increased by about 60 percent… Across nearly every apparel category, consumers keep clothing items about half as long as they did 15 years ago".

With those statistics on how fast we're all going through clothing items, we want to set ourselves apart from that. We know that we alone cannot fix the damage the industry causes, but that doesn't mean we have to add to it. We can push back against it by offering gowns that are made with the utmost quality, ensuring they'll stand the test of time and be handed down to generations to come. 

What is Euphorie doing to make a change?

A pillar of our brand identity is 'Meaningful Design' - by designing with specific intent, with meaning, we're able to do our part in creating change within the fashion industry.  

In an era of fashion where some brands opt for poor quality fabrics and take shortcuts in the making process to guarantee a garment fails, encourage people to buy more, or prevent dress rental companies, we refuse to be part of that. Quality is one of the defining factors of who we are, and Functionality and a contemporary edge allow Euphorie gowns to be made to last and made to be worn by others in the future. 

Where do ethics come into this?

One part of making a more sustainably-friendly industry is hiring artisans, creatives, designers, and makers passionate about the same ideals. Ensuring that these professional couture artisans are paid above-award wages, with full-time contracts and competitive benefits, allowing us to re-set the standard that an industry known for slave labor has had in the past.  

Some have called us too optimistic, but we love the beautiful parts of the fashion industry, and because of that, we're willing to put in the time and effort to make our change in the industry.

We're committed to being a part of the hard conversations for a solution, not shying away from them.

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