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Article: 8 Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique

bride and groom raising bouquet on wedding day

8 Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique

We all want our wedding to feel like 'us'—to feel unique to suit our personalities, wants, needs, and aesthetics. The ways you can personalise your wedding will feel endless, and it can become overwhelming trying to narrow down the possibilities to what will work for you. We're covering ways to personalise your wedding to make it more unique and special!

How to personalise your wedding to make it uniquely yours.

Flowers with meaning

One of our Euphorie brides recently had nothing but red roses at her wedding, and during the making of her wedding dress, she told us how she received a lot of pushback from friends and family because it felt too Valentine's Day-ish. When we asked what her inspo for the roses was, she told us the cutest story about how early on in her relationship, when she lived in Cairns and her husband lived in Toowoomba for work for six months, her husband made her a promise to make it up with a red rose for every day they were apart. So. over the years leading up to their wedding, our brides' partner would surprise her with one or more red roses spontaneously. For our bride, having red roses at her wedding was a nod to that romantic gesture that had meant so much to her.

If you have flowers that hold deep meaning, incorporating them into your wedding is a beautiful way to personalise your ceremony or reception. The flowers don't have to be something from your relationship with your soon-to-be hubby either; it could be something for a loved one that has passed on or the meaning represented by a specific flower.

Audio or video guest books

We all know how touching and beautiful the tradition of a guest book at your wedding is, but many brands are currently bringing products out that allow you to have an audio and (or) video guest book. The concept is that you could have an old-style camera or what looks like a traditional telephone from a few decades ago. Your guests go into a booth or a quiet area, and they speak or record messages that you can save, upload to iCloud, social media, Dropbox, etc. and replay for decades.

Playing around with different mediums than just a traditional guest book is a lovely way to add a cute personal touch that you can return to for years. It's always a super fun way to create more wedding content if that's something you're into.

Take charge of the menu.

While it is much easier to let your venue or caterers come up with the menu and you tweak it, if you want to add a personal touch to the next level, try personalising your menu.

You could add foods that have a backstory for you and your partner. An example here via one of our Euphorie real brides, Sallie, was that she and her husbands' first date included bubble tea and ice cream after a sushi dinner. As Sallie explains it, "It was a chilled-out first date. We sat at a sushi train talking for hours, then got bubble tea while walking around South Bank in Brisbane. As we were strolling, this gorgeous little ice cream cart was doing a pop-up that night. We had ice cream to top off our date, which was so cute and memorable. Also, I followed the ice cream pop-up on Instagram and had them at our wedding four years later; it was THE BEST!!!".

You could also extend this to things like a signature drink you both love as a couple, or foods, treats, and other options that will jazz up your menu and make it feel more 'you' on such a magical day.

Hand-written notes for guests.

We recently had a Euphorie real bride hand-write special, heartfelt notes to each of her wedding guests. They were a paragraph or two thanking them for not only attending the wedding but for their overall role in the couple's life and why they were chosen to attend the wedding.

These personalised notes can say whatever you want; they can be thank you notes, heartfelt messages of love, your favourite memory with that guest, or just about anything you can think of. The best part about these notes is they're cost-effective and effortless to do. You'll need a pack of cards or some card paper equal to the number of guests you'll have. Put aside a lazy Sunday, or start chipping away at them each night, and you'll be done in no time.

These can range in price—if you want them to be less costly, you can buy them from places like Kmart, Target, BigW, OfficeWorks, or Typo, among other stores. If you want to take it a step further, you can buy them off Etsy or have custom ones created for you. Additionally, you could put in the extra effort and cut and decorate your cards, which wouldn't be expensive on cost, it would just be a time investment, but it's always worth it in the end!

Make an unforgettable entrance.

You could casually stroll into your wedding reception and take a seat, switch to a second gown, like a bridal mini, go straight into dancing to your favourite song, or use props like sparklers and streamers; the options here are endless.

A nod to loved ones who have passed away.

While yes, weddings represent love and romance; it can also be a painful time realising we won't have the people we want there because they've passed away. One way to take the heartache and shine a light on it is to honour a deceased loved one with something special in your ceremony.

Some of the ways you can honour a deceased loved one could be having a framed photo of them at the wedding, incorporating something to do with them into your drink or meal menu, or as one of our brides, Julieanne, did for her cousin, keep a seat at one of your reception tables clear, dedicated to the person you've lost.

Allow your guests to help create the playlist.

When you're organising the music playlist you'll want at your wedding reception, one option is to personalise the soundtrack to the night by asking your guests to choose one song each. This creates a two-way personalisation: on the one hand, you get to dance to the music the people you love the most have selected for you; on the other hand, those people get to hear their choices as the night goes on, creating a memorable and impactful memory for everyone.

Intentional & meaningful signage

For the signage at your wedding, you can use whatever the venue typically opts for or have your own created. Most often, brides will choose a vendor to create signage for them. This can range from seating plans to food & drink menus and more.

When you're planning your signage, it's a good option to take the time to personalise it to your wedding by adding cute write-ups that suit you both as a couple or throw in something funny & pun related, artistic, etc., make it creative, fun, and contextual to your theme, and it'll leave a lasting impression as something that felt so personal to you.

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