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Article: Guide: Shopping For Plus Sized Wedding Dresses

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Guide: Shopping For Plus Sized Wedding Dresses

We've had a question pop up a lot on our Instagram lately, "Any tips for wedding dress shopping for curvy brides?" - we wanted to create a blog to keep this out in the world as a permanent answer for any brides-to-be.

Finding the right curve bridal boutique or store to buy an off-the-rack plus-size wedding dress from can be a defeating experience. Unfortunately, it's common for bridal stores to only stock sample gowns, traditionally in size 8. Not to mention that between a lack of inclusively sized dresses to try on, to some stores raising the cost of the dress as the size increases, it's easy to leave feeling excluded. So today, I want to walk you through a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for plus-size wedding dresses.
Find Curvy Bridal Stores

While I know this is easier said than done, seeking out a plus-size store or curve bridal boutique that caters specifically to a diverse size range is essential. Unfortunately, not all stores will stock these, as we've mentioned before, but some will. Again, you can use Google search or ask other brides for recommendations to help guide you. Having a store that caters to what you're after, and knows how to style you, will make your gown shopping a heartwarming experience.

Google reviews are a great way to see how other brides have felt when wedding dress shopping to start giving you an idea of what you can expect from the store you've chosen.

Ask Ahead, Be Prepared

If you're in the process of seeking out the type of curve bridal stores that we mentioned above, don't hesitate to call ahead and ask questions. You'll want to know what sample sizes their gowns are stocked in. That way, you can learn in advance, and it'll save you from wasting your time. Custom service teams are there to help answer your questions so that you can call, email, or DM, and they'll usually get back to you and answer your questions!
Don't Focus On The Number.

Some brands or stores may not follow standardized sizing, so a size 14 at one store may be considered a size 10 in another. Please don't spend too much time stressing about the numbered size, but focus on finding a gown that fits you the way you want it to. Be sure to factor in alterations when choosing a size. It's often better to go a size up so you can have it altered to fit your body to perfection.
Go Custom

If you're having trouble finding your wedding dress off the rack in a store, opting for a custom wedding dress is always a good choice. Custom wedding gowns are made in your specific sizing, unique to your body, and will leave you feeling the confidence you deserve. Historically, brides would be right to assume that a custom gown will be an expensive process, and they would be right. However, today, custom-made wedding dresses are a lot more affordable than they've ever been, often rivaling the cost of an off-the-rack gown (or, in a lot of cases, even cheaper without sacrificing quality).

If you don't find a dress you love, don't give up. From custom design, there are always options to take more time to look around (or ask around) for a store that has your dream dress. I've spoken to brides before that felt pressured to 'take what they can find,' but that doesn't have to be the case!

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