5 Tips For Your Formal Dress Photos

We're not all naturals in front of a camera, and if you're anything like me, you might need some direction when getting photos of yourself. Before taking formal gown photos, I've got five things to know to help you have the best photoshoot possible.

Timing + Lighting

You want to time it so the Lighting works best when taking photos. Golden hour is generally the reliable choice for the perfect Lighting. Having the best natural light possible when taking pictures will give you epic shots of yourself in your formal gown.

Tip: You can simply Google' when is golden hour,' which will tell you the best time to take pics based on where you live.

Keep It Simple

Some people will hire photographers for professional shots before formal, but if you're on a budget or want something basic, all you need is a phone. iPhone photos are perfect for formal, and you won't need a professional camera.

Take Your Time

We've learned over the years at Euphorie that one good photo outweighs ten that aren't shot well. Take your time with your photos, and get the right snaps of you looking and feeling incredible in your gown; it'll be worth it.

Have Fun

Good quality doesn't mean 'super serious!!!!' - have fun, enjoy your moments, and get candid shots of yourself on such a special day.

See How Others Have Done It

When in doubt, look at how it's been done before. Go to the brand you're buying from or some of their competitors that sell formal dresses, and check their 'Tagged' section on Instagram - this will show you other formal dress shoppers that have had their photoshoots in gowns, a perfect place to gather inspo!

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