When Should I Buy My Formal Dress?

Knowing when you should buy your formal dress is a difficult decision to make, and the ultimate decision will be yours, but there are many factors you should consider before making your decision.

Things to keep in mind before you buy your formal dress:

Where will you buy your formal gown: you’ll want to know if you’ll shop online or buy your dress from a physical store.

What gown will you get: Once you know what style you want, it’ll help your decision-making; decide whether you’d prefer to buy a gown off the rack or be more suited for a custom formal dress instead.

Where & how you will wear your gown: When choosing a formal dress, the climate you’ll wear it in may contribute. If it’s going to be held in winter, you might want something with sleeves, or if you plan on wearing specific heels, that may affect the color of the gown you will choose.

Risks & Advantages of when you shop for your formal dress:

There are many risks and advantages to both shopping far in advance or waiting til closer to your formal date. It’s essential to consider all of these things before deciding when you’ll buy your formal gown.

Advantages of shopping in advance for a formal dress:

  • You’ll avoid the pre-formal rush, giving you plenty of time to shop at your own pace.
  • It gives you time to coordinate your look with your friend or formal partner.
  • Allows time for a seamstress to carry out alterations to the formal gown.
  • It gives you time to receive special orders, skip rush fees, and/or get gowns that may have longer shipping or make timeframes.
  • Allows more time to find the right heels, makeup artist, hairstylist, accessories, or anything else you might need for formal.
  • Less rush or stress when choosing and organizing everything.

Risks of buying a formal dress too early:

  • The gown won’t fit you anymore if you gain or lose weight. Always check the refund policy for a brand before you buy early.
  • You may regret your purchase later if a brand introduces newer styles in the time between you buying your gown and your formal date.

Advantages of shopping close to your formal date:

  • You’ll be able to find a gown that fits you perfectly because your body won’t change drastically.
  • You may be able to find sale items depending on the time of year, saving you money.

Risks of buying a formal dress too close to your formal date:

  • Shorter timeframes can be stressful.
  • May limit where you can shop or what can be made for you, or you may incur rush fees or extra charges by your desired store.
  • Seamstresses may need more time to alter the gown. If your timeframe is too short, they may decline the work.

Ultimately, the decision will always be yours, but understanding how certain factors may impact your shopping is essential. We hope these shopping tips have helped you search for a formal dress. If you’ve got anything you’d add for other formal shoppers, please let us know in the comments below! 

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