Welcome To Once Labeled by Euphorie Studios

Hi Beauties! The day is finally here! Once Labeled by Euphorie Studios is finally live. *happy dance* 

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll know we had some reserves about whether or not launching at this time was the right thing to do. With all the craziness of COVID-19, we were really struggling to get everything together to give Once Labeled the debut it really deserved. Okay let me explain... 

Originally, we’d planned an extensive shoot day. We had all of our gowns ready, models had been fitted with gowns and briefed, photographers had scouted the location...we even had test shoots to make sure we were 100% ready. But, of course, life happened and in midst of all our planning. The world entered a very scary time which understandably saw the priorities of the brand put to the back seat. We had no choice...the shoot had to be postponed to a still now uncertain later date. 

We then had another choice to make...to launch or not to launch. We still had our test shoots and although they weren't what we originally planed, they were (as you have probably already seen) so beautiful! So what was stopping us? In all honesty, it was fear that held us back. We weren't sure if these were good enough. We were afraid that we weren't giving Once Labeled its best chance of success. But it then occurred to us...how can we even hope to inspire women to be confident, fearless and brave, to love all their perfect imperfections if we ourselves don't? From that point it became clear... 

So! Here is it is! This is the first instalment of ICON Collection 2020 / 2021! We will obviously bring you more as soon as we are free to shoot again, but until then we hope you love it as much as we do. 

Stay safe, look out for one another and know the best is yet to come

x Team OL/Euphorie

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