6 Alterations You Can Have Done On Your Wedding Gown

When it comes to buying clothes, we all want our clothes to fit us perfectly, wedding dresses are no different. What happens when you buy a gown off the rack from a store or online and it doesn’t fit like a glove the way you dreamed it would? Alterations are the solution.

Reaching out to a qualified and experienced seamstress to have your dress altered to fit perfectly is always a good idea when you’ll want everything to look just right on your wedding day. Additionally, all wedding dresses can be customised to some degree, either by taking away things like the length of the gown or adding custom pieces such as sleeves or an outer skirt, all of which (and more!) Seamstresses can cover for you before your wedding day. With this blog, we wanted to cover some of the possible options for the different types of alterations you can have undertaken on your gown.

Shortening the hem

As we mentioned previously, off the rack gowns are made in standard sizing which often means they’ll be longer than your height, causing the gown to drag along the ground. Having your hem shortened to fit perfectly is more than just a style point - it serves you best for functionality, no one wants to be tripping over their gown due to length!

Adding in a ‘waist stay’

This is something you may not have heard of nor realised you need, but is a really good thing for gowns that are made of heavier fabric. A waist stay is essentially adding a ribbon or elastic strip inside your gown to keep the skirt of your gown perfectly around your waist to prevent it from pulling down on the top of your gown. Having a waist stay will help you avoid having to reposition or adjust your gown all the time if the fabric used on your dress is on the heavier side!

Adding Sleeves

Wedding gowns come in so many different forms and styles, sometimes you’ll find a gown that’s missing something that would otherwise make it your perfect choice, such as sleeves. In that case, it’s usually quite easy to be able to talk with your seamstress and add in some sleeves to your gown if that’s something you’re after.

Shortening the straps

Some gowns may come with straps too long, so the gown won’t sit the way you’ll want it to - this is an easy fix. Your seamstress will be able to shorten the straps for you to make sure it sits at the perfect point just for your special day.

Taking size aspects of the gown in/out

With every body being different, each individual part is different too. Some brides may need their gown taken in around the bust or hips for example, and a seamstress can handle that for you. When gowns are brought off the rack, they’re in general sizing, so you’ll often find that your gown may be too big in the chest but perfect in the hips for example, so having alterations done is important to give you the best fit for your wedding day.

Tip from our designers: one thing we always suggest to brides shopping around for gowns is to buy slightly bigger if you’re worried about fit. As our creative director Keoula likes to say; “it’s much easier to take a gown in than it is to take it out. Buy bigger if necessary and have it taken in to avoid any pre-wedding complications!”.

Neckline alterations

Sometimes you’ll find the perfect gown, it’s your absolute dream except for one tiny detail like the neckline or something similar. Seamstresses can handle alterations on that for you too to give it the perfect fit and look that you’re after.


This is far from a full list of possibilities, there are so much more that can be done to customise your wedding gown or make it fit better. If you're in the Brisbane area and looking for alterations, it's something we specialise in at Euphorie Studios, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us and talk to our customer care team to learn more or discuss what you've got in mind and what your needs are!

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