Wedding Dress Alterations: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Bridal alterations can be a confusing time for any bride-to-be, you wouldn’t be alone if you had questions prior to contacting a seamstress. Today, we're taking you through 5 of the most frequently asked questions we get when it comes to alterations.

What do I need to bring to an alterations appointment?

When you’re going for an alterations consult, there are three main things you’ll need with you. Firstly, the dress so that the seamstress carrying out your alterations can see the physical gown to know what work will be involved and to also be able to quote you on pricing for the work. Secondly, any undergarments you might be pairing with the gown, because in some cases they can affect the over all fit of the gown itself. Lastly, the footwear you plan on pairing with your wedding gown, specifically for having things like the hem done, so that the length can be perfect with the shoes you’ll be wearing on the wedding day.

How long before my wedding should my dress be altered?

Timing your alterations is super important — on one hand, you want to be sure they’re completed in time for the wedding day with no last minute stressful situations, but on the other hand, you want the best fit possible for your gown, and with our bodies changing often based on many different factors, having your alterations carried out closer to the wedding day is always the route we’d suggest taking. At Euphorie Studios, our preferred time frame is a minimum of two weeks to do alterations and we typically tend to start the work 3-4 weeks out at the latest too. However this can change based off the difficulty, time spent due to the intricacy of the work involved.

How much do bridal alterations cost?

Bridal alterations are quite difficult to give specific pricing on—the work in question will typically dictate the cost. Another aspect to factor in is that different seamstresses or bridal stores will have their own pricing method that is usually based around both intricacy, time spent doing the alterations and the experience of the seamstress undertaking the work. Generally speaking though, on average you can expect alterations to range from $50-60 for simple hemming, to upwards of $1000 for more extreme work, such as adding sleeves or changing the style of the gown in question.

We’d always suggest discussing your expected budget when contacting a seamstress for alterations and the work you’ve got in mind to save both yourself and the seamstress time by knowing what’s possible.

Do I need alterations if I buy a custom wedding gown?

If a wedding gown is custom made, it will be made to your specific body measurements and will not need alterations. However, if something has happened and your wedding day was delayed after you picked up your dress and now your body has changed and the dress doesn’t fit the same, we’d strongly advise you to contact the designer of your wedding dress before you search elsewhere. If, for any reason, your designer is unable to help, then we’d strongly suggest reaching out to a designer or seamstress you trust to carry out the alterations.

What do you wear under my wedding dress?

We recently covered this in much more depth in a blog, going over different styles of undergarments that you’ll want to pair with different styles of wedding dresses. You can find that blog here

Reminder: if you’re taking your wedding dress for alterations, always remember to go along in the undergarments you plan on wearing with it, and also take the shoes you plan on wearing on the day too!

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