8 Tips for Visiting Your Seamstress For Bridal Alterations

So you’ve got the dress but it just doesn't seem to fit the way you want it to. When buying gowns that aren't custom fit, they're always made to standard sizing and won't take into account the fact that we all have different bodies and even two people who fit a size 10 can fit it differently. So, it's probably time to visit your local seamstress for those bridal alterations. As well as custom bridal and formal wear, we also specialise in bridal alterations and we've found that it can be quite challenging and confusing for brides, especially if this is the first time using a seamstress. So here are our top 8 tips to help you when choosing and visiting your seamstress for bridal alterations:

Brisbane wedding dress designer doing alterations fitting with bride in wedding dress

1 - Choose a seamstress that specialises in bridal
smiling bride seeing her wedding dress in mirror while designer fixes her gown

Wedding gowns take a tremendous amount of craftsmanship, care and time to create so it's no surprise that it takes the right kind of person to correctly alter them. When choosing a seamstress to alter your wedding gown, it's really important to check whether the seamstress has both the experience, skills and equipment to pull this off. Bridal gowns are in a whole other league from every day dresses and really need that special care when being handled. For example, here at Euphorie, only our senior seamstresses handle bridal alterations, purely because it is such a fine line from perfection and disaster which means mistakes are very hard to come back from with bridal gowns. Do your research, keep it safe and find someone that has experience on their side.

2 - Remember to bring your shoes!

Adjusting hem length is the #1 alteration we do, and more than likely, if you are buying a ready designed gown or something off the rack, you will definitely need to have the hem altered to your look. In order for your seamstress to get the exact  length for your gown, make sure you bring the shoes you plan on wearing on your wedding day to your appointment. Ideally, we recommend that the front hem length rests just on top of the ground with shoes on, that is the perfect length for movement while also providing the right length for look. 

3 - Undergarments matter

If you plan wearing a bra, shape wear or any sort of undergarment, definitely bring them to your appointment! Undergarments can really affect how your gown fits and looks. Even if it changes half a centimetre, it matters. And if you are paying to have your gown altered and fit, you definitely want it to be perfect to every inch. Quick tip, some gowns include bra cups.

4 -The longer it takes, the more it will cost
seamstress marking out wedding dress alterations on white lace wedding dress worn by bride

A seamstress will usually price by time. If your gown has a lot of intricate hand finishes, beading or lace, then more than likely it will need to be hand altered which can get pricey. Make sure you have your seamstress quote you on the job before committing to avoid any unexpected expenses before the big day.  

5 - Time it right

Try and organise to see your seamstress as soon as you have the gown. If you are planning to lose weight or you are expecting have have any physical changes in the months leading up to your wedding, let your seamstress know. Book a time slot for alterations as close to the date as physically possible so that you can have the best fit on your big day. Get in early and secure your spot with your seamstress to avoid disappointment later down the line.

6  - Try before you buy
bridal designer fitting bride into white lace and tulle wedding dress

Before you take your gown home; try it on! Walk around, sit down, do a little twirl. Make sure it is absolutely perfect because this is it! You do not want to take it home and realise you can’t actually sit down in your gown right before the big day. Seamstresses schedule work weeks in advance so you have to maximise your time with them to make sure you get the very most out of it.

7 - The sky is not the limit 

I know it seams like seamstresses can do everything! but there are limits. Be realistic in what you are asking. Most the time, seamstresses can take in gowns with absolute ease, taking gowns out is another question all together. After all, you can take out fabric but its bit harder to make it grow and create more. Seamstresses will always offer what they can physically and technically achieve with the gown and be executed correctly to your wishes, but not everything is possible depending on the gown. Our seamstress for example will not take on any work unless they can be 100% proud of what they are doing. This means the job has to be clean, well executed , professional and obviously nothing short of beautiful.

8 - After?

Alterations are done, dress is ready! Why not book in another appointment to have your dress altered after the wedding date! If you are willing to part with your dress, have it cropped or altered for your gown for a second wear or discuss with your seamstress some possibilities of transforming your gown. Gowns can often be made short or even dyed to a different colour. Keep the good times rolling with your second dress!

Visit our alterations page and get in touch if you have any questions!

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