Meet The Team: J for Euphorie

In this instalment of our 'Meet The Team' series, I sat down with the person you'll have spoken to if you've ever emailed us, or reached out via social media; J!

What's your role at Euphorie Studios?

I'm the Director of Marketing & Customer Care, or so Keoula tells me, but I'm more of an all-rounder; I'm there for anything we need to get done at Euphorie. I'm also kind of like the bride's representative in the studio; anything they want or need, I make it happen with K.

When did you start at Euphorie?

I started with the inception of the the rebrand from Keooula Designs to Euphorie Studios. Keoula initially brought me on board to work for her as Keoula Designs a few months after she hired Leanne to help usher in a new era of her brand. Originally they were going to branch into just formal gowns, but we all decided to move ahead with Keoula's idea of a new brand. This new brand was about the team, not just her, which is when Euphorie was born. We've all been running wild with Euphorie ever since!

What makes you passionate about your job? Why the bridal industry?

I've had this exact conversation with many of our brides or industry connections in the past. The answer is always the same for two reasons. Firstly, I'm passionate about craftsmanship and quality in general, and I firmly believe in the quality behind what we create. I'm a fan of Keoula & the team's craftsmanship as much as any bride that picks us, and I love the brand. I'm obsessed with craftsmanship, from woodworking or jewellery making, to clothing, art or tattooing; I love it all. My job is effectively helping people obtain quality crafted garments, and showcasing those garments; it's a dream to me.

Secondly, I'm a sucker for the real love stories of good people. When wonderful humans meet and fall in love, so much beauty spawns from it. When I found my soul mate, I realized it's a feeling I want everyone to experience, and anything I can do to celebrate and cherish it is a win for me. Love is incredible, and it's something I will always champion. 

Also, one thing that may sound like I'm making up because she's my boss, but I love working with Keoula. From day one, it's been the same core team with the bonus of K hiring new people without losing any of the original employees. We've spent so much time together doing what we do; K is like family. I've also got one of K's sketches tattooed on my leg, so it's probably gone too far to turn around now!

What do you love most about your job?

I enjoy customer service when it's a brand I believe in and marketing a product ethically; I get to do both at Euphorie. I focus my job around constantly asking myself, 'how can the bride get what she wants?' + 'what is the most ethical way we can achieve this?' - I'm almost like a union rep for the brides; I want them to have a magical day in a gown they love. Over the years, I've come to build connections with so many of the brides, especially when we spend a lot of time sharing thoughts or opinions or organizing bookings back and forth. There are no automated responses; I really take the time to get to know Euphorie's real brides so we can ensure the best process possible for them. Anyone can test me on this; show me a brides photo, or tell me their name and I'll be able to recall moments with them and how their process went. It's not because I have a good memory either, it's all because we've made some form of genuine connection during the process of their gown.

Another thing, too, is that I don't want to gaslight brides like a lot of stores do. I refuse to use clickbait tactics, spam people, or force content onto them - I want to show what we can do, and I know it'll attract brides because we love what we do. I might be biased, but I think K & the team are absolute masters of their craft.

There are a few small things I get a kick out of, too; seeing our gowns in people's profile photos on Instagram because wedding pics are so monumental in life, or seeing our dresses or our showroom through a bride's eyes on their IG stories. One of my favorite things ever is seeing more than one bride together at a time because we've done multiple people in friend groups or siblings, or recently we've created a woman's gown, and we did her daughter's formal dress in 2021. Also, we've had a lot of women who came as formal projects as teenagers or as bridesmaids with their friends and then came back as Euphorie brides. I love the way stories are woven like that and circle back around!

Also, because I can never just give one answer and have to ramble on a million things, I really love being able to just do the work in a way where the client gets what they want. You'll never see me on social media, and this isn't a platform for me to launch into a new career or build a following; this is Euphorie, a brand that champions its brides, and while I'm here, that's what I always intend on doing. At my core, I'm a team player. I love being behind the scenes and working as part of a group with the talented women at Euphorie to bring products to life that are focused around the center point of artistic creativity, quality, and putting the client first.

What's your least favorite thing about your job?

This is going to sound really cliché, but the times we can't accommodate brides. Things like wear dates being too soon or timelines not working. If I could, I'd take on every project possible, but we've got a lot of projects at this time, so we have to push our minimum delivery dates further out than we'd like. This has led to us having to turn down quite a lot of brides lately, and it just doesn't feel good having to communicate that to the women that email us.

This is a blessing for us, but it's challenging when brides will reach out with less time than our minimum turnaround because I have to turn them down, and it's not a feeling that sits well with me. I just want women to get their dream dresses.

If someone's going to reach out for a project, what piece of advice would you have for them?

Enjoy the process! Many brides get sidetracked by stress, which is understandable, but this is the only time you're going to buy a gown like this. Enjoy the process, live in the moment, and we'll help bring your dream dress to life.

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