Coming Soon: Euphorie Formal Dress Collection

From day one, Euphorie hasn’t just been a wedding dress designer and maker; we’ve also been Brisbane’s premier custom and made-to-order formal dresses maker, both for our gowns as Euphorie, our exclusive plus-size formal dresses brand Once Labeled, and our private manufacturing clients around Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Perth.

We’re excited to announce that we’re officially entering our design and planning stage for our upcoming range of Brisbane’s best formal dresses, Euphorie Formal.

Why release a new formal range? What makes Euphorie formal dresses different

It’s been three years since our last Euphorie formal range and two years since the Once Labeled plus size curve formal gowns range was released, so why now?

There are several reasons we felt like we needed to bring out a new range:

Cost-effective: As part of our commitment to ethical pricing, when we craft products, we price them fairly for the consumer by taking away the aspects that cause an unnecessary price hike. One lesser-known fact about the formal dress shops in Brisbane is that they mark the costs of their gowns up by anywhere from 200% to 1200% more than what they pay for these dresses.

As part of our commitment to reasonable pricing of our formal dresses, we sell them directly to you from our website and showroom, removing the price markup caused by wholesaling them to stores.

What exactly is a price markup between a stockist and a store?

This is a question we often find ourselves answering, and I am giving you an abbreviated version: when a brand makes a gown, they have to choose a price for that gown. They’ll typically follow a formula: the cost of materials + the cost of labour = X. You then take X and add in 50-100% to allow the brand to make an ethical profit to continue creating more for you. This profit is generally invested in things like making content, marketing the gowns so you can see them online, and funding the creation of more formal dresses.

Here’s where the pricing gets tricky: that cost, X + 50-100% profit = the price you’d typically pay. However, if the brand manufactures that garment for a store, the store then gets to choose how much they want to markup. They can raise the cost by anywhere from 200% to 1200% (or sometimes even more!) Causing you to pay so much more than you would need to.

Here at Euphorie, we want to cut out the extra costs for you. You’re paying for your gown to get made by us, and that’s it. There isn’t a store involved whose overheads need to be paid for, and it’s just you paying a fair and ethical price for a high-quality couture-level formal gown.

When will these couture formal gowns be released?

We have no concrete dates yet, but they’ll be coming soon! We’re in the process of design & iteration before we start making the first samples to get them out for purchase at our Brisbane formal dress showroom.

Please keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram for more sneak peeks as we craft the Euphorie formal collection.

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