Coming Soon: Euphorie Formal Dresses

With our custom projects re-opening as of July 2023, we’ve decided to bring back our custom formal dresses while also working on our upcoming releases of new formal gown ranges that are made-to-order.

Everything you need to know about Formal Dresses by Euphorie Studios

We’ll share more news on what we’ve got coming up soon, we wanted to go through some of the frequently asked questions about our formal dresses and a retrospective look into our Once Labeled collection and where we go from here.

Do you still offer custom formal dresses?

We do! We’ve spent 20 years creating custom evening wear, occasion dresses, and formal gowns alongside our contemporary bridal pieces.

We’ve stocked ranges of our formal dresses in stores like Gossip Gowns, Miss Runway Formal Boutique, Curve Bridal, Ipswich Formal and Bridal, M2M Ipswich, and many more interstates.

Our only goal is for you to find the occasion or formal dress of your dreams, the gown you cannot take your eyes off, the gown that feels like your destiny: chic styles, flattering silhouettes, and modern design merge to craft something otherworldly for your special event.

How much does it cost to make a custom formal gown?

Our custom-made formal dresses & evening gowns start at $2500 and are available for anyone that can attend in-person fittings at our Brisbane studio. Unfortunately, we do not offer custom formal gowns online. However, we are constantly releasing new ball, prom, or formal dresses via our Brisbane boutique and online store.

What does a ‘custom-made formal dress’ mean?

A custom-made formal dress is a formal gown that will fit your body perfectly, specific to the measurements of your body. Your shift will be one-of-a-kind as it’s made for your unique body. Creating a custom gown also allows you to customise it to suit your wants and needs, allowing for something truly magical and one-of-a-kind.

Once Labeled: A Retrospective Look

In 2021, we released our curve-only, plus-size formal dress range, Once Labeled by Euphorie. At the time, we were strictly focused on our custom wedding and formal dresses and were stepping away from releasing traditional collections of gowns.

However, when we saw how bare the market was for girls & women wanting gowns from size 12-36+, we wanted to step in and try our hand at something a little different: we were going to make a range strictly for people within that size range.

We decided to put a spin on our first collection, and as a nod to the modern fashion industry, we wanted to make it a limited-time collection. We crafted 20 gowns, all offered in different fabrics and colours, then set limited numbers on how many could be sold.

Within three months, we’d completely sold out. It blew our minds; every single style, color, and fabric choice was entirely sold out at each of the stores offering it in their respective territories (Brisbane and Adelaide formal boutiques)

What’s next: we’re in the process of design and iteration for a new collection of formal gowns by Euphorie Studios. While we can’t give any concrete information right now, we’ll have more to update soon as we start the rollout for our following collection of made-to-order occasions, evening, and formal dresses.

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